Robert L's Analog Synths

  Roland Juno-60 and Juno-106
  Spare Parts
   Including SH-101, Jupiter-8, JX-3P
   Spare Keys

      by Robert L's Analog Synths
   Fully cleaned and checked spare parts ready for installation.
   Several Juno-60 spare parts are available now!
      1. The Juno-106 Top Panel
(not available)


      2. Juno-106 Side Panel
 (not available)

The plastic side panels in excellent condition. No damages, no bigger scratches.

      3. Juno-106 Key-Bed  EUR 45.00
          (not available)

Nice condition, all rusty spots removed.
Paint-protected against further corrosion.

      4. Juno-106 / Juno-60 / SH-101 / JX-3P / Jupiter 8  Spare Keys
          The 3-key set  EUR 29.00.

Contains 2 white and 1 black key.
The white keys are at your choice, except for the highest C.

Meticulously cleaned keys (as shown), without any damages or scratches. If you need 2 black keys, one white can be replaced for the black. 1 key-spring will be added for free.

A perfectionist's choice: additional polishing EUR 10.00.


      5. Juno-60 Other Parts

Contact us for other available spare parts.

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